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System redundancy with RFC 4072R

System redundancy with RFC 4072R Available from 2022.0 LTS with RFC 4072R The RFC 4072R is a high-availability PLCnext Control with redundancy functionality. Some commissioning steps differ from those for other PLCnext Control devices. In the course of the system redundancy with RFC 4072R, we describe only these differences. Creating a new RFC 4072R project In PLCnext Engineer software,… Read More

IP addresses at redundant controllers

IP addresses at redundant controllers Available from 2022.0 LTS with RFC 4072R Understanding the structure of IP addresses In redundancy mode, the preset IP addresses are used as the system IP address of the respective Ethernet interface. The process-leading controller (= PRIMARY controller) can additionally be reached via the system IP… Read More

Configuring PROFINET devices for redundancy

Configuring PROFINET devices for redundancy Available from 2022.0 LTS with RFC 4072R Configure the System redundancy data hold time for each PROFINET device.  The System redundancy data hold time is the maximum time that the PROFINET device holds the output data while a switch-over of the redundancy roles takes place. If neither… Read More

System redundancy error codes

System redundancy error codes Available from 2022.0 LTS with RFC 4072R The most recent status or error message is indicated as a digit, visible in the PLCnext Engineer at the RDNCY_ERROR system variable. This is how to decode and handle the messages:  Digit Status or error message Description Remedy 1 OwnRdncyTypeChanged… Read More