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How to access the PLCnext web server (HTTP) remotely using IXON Cloud

ixon 12 January 2020 min. read
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IXON developed Cloud Access so you can easily access your machine’s HTTP(S) server without requiring a VPN connection. This enables you to access your machine’s servers on any mobile and desktop device with an internet connection.

Access and control the PLCnext webserver directly and securely from your browser. No additional software needed. Because it runs via IXON’s worldwide VPN network, a speedy and seamless connection is guaranteed.

How to set up web access in IXON Cloud

First, install the IXON Cloud Connector from the PLCnext store and connect it to your IXON Cloud portal (see article: How to enable remote VPN access for PLCnext using IXON Cloud). Then follow one of these steps:

  • HTTP(s)
    When your PLC runs an HTTP or HTTPS server, you can access it without requiring a VPN connection. With your IXON account you can quickly access the HTTP or HTTPS server on any mobile and desktop device with an internet connection. These steps show you how to set up an HTTP or HTTPS service.

Tip: Download the IXON Cloud mobile app.

Besides web access, you can setup a secure VPN connection from remote or log data, trigger machine alarms and monitor machine events in dashboards.

Short video demonstration

This video demonstrates what you can expect from the IXON Cloud connector for PLCnext:

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Discover all IXON Cloud features.


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