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Absence alarm from HMI/EHMI

agustinmendez 30 January 2023 min. read
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Hello!, I created a library that contains a function, that when the PLCNEXT detects that it does not have an HMI or an EHMI connected and turned on, it returns a true to the output. It would be used to carry out a certain process when the connection with the EHMI/HMI operator falls. What do you think? Data Extra: I use the HMI_STATUS2 variable.

Here is the link to the PLCnext Engineer library on GitHub:

Hola!, Cree una libreria que contiene una funcion, que cuando el PLCNEXT Detecta que no tiene un HMI o un EHMI conectado y prendido, me devuelve un true a la salida. Serviria para hacer determinado proceso cuando se cae la conexion con el operador EHMI/HMI. ¿Que opinan?. Dato: Use la variable HMI_STATUS2.


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