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Connecting Factory IO training simulator to PLCnext with OPC UA client

seafoxc 08 May 2021 min. read
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How to connect Factory I/O with PLCnext

Factory I/O is a virtual environment that is designed to be linked with PLC’s in order to teach, test and train. 

It is a great addition to get to know PLCnext other then the inputs and outputs provided by the starter kit. 

You can use Factory I/O for free for a 30 day trail (without giving your credit card info).

How to make the connection

In factory I/O you can set-up an OPC-UA client that can connect to the OPC-UA server we can set-up in PLCnext. There are some small things to makes this work. I made a very dense video with the info on how to connect Factory IO with PLC next. I made this because it took a few hours for me to figure out how to set it up and I want to save others the trouble. 

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.

 I hoped it helped you connecting Factory I/O to PLC next and I wish you a great day!!! 


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Seafoxc 15.12.2021

The link was deleted from my post. Here is the video tutorial:

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PLCnext Team 15.11.2022

Thanks for the link, Seafoxc. Embedded the video again.

Seafoxc 15.11.2022

I almost forgot about this comment. 11 months later, but still, thank you! :-)

thabiso@98 24.09.2023

but How do i connect if i dont have the actual hardware?

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