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How to enable remote VPN access for PLCnext using IXON Cloud

ixon 19 December 2019 min. read
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About 90 percent of operating problems faced by engineers can be solved by remote access to the control system. With remote access, you can remotely troubleshoot and program your PLCnext controller. 

A prerequisite for remote access is that machines can be accessed from the internet in a secure way. After all, nobody wants to undermine the security or daily operations of the parties involved.

The IXON Cloud Connector is designed to offer you easy remote access across the internet to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field. It’s fully integrated with the IXON Cloud platform and automatically connects securely (using a VPN tunnel) to the IXON Cloud platform. Your machines are remotely accessible in just minutes with our Quick Start Guide.

How to setup IXON Cloud for PLCNext

First install the IXON Cloud Connector in the PLCnext store:

Then follow these steps to access your PLCnext device from remote:

  1. Create your free account on IXON Cloud
    Get started with the IXON Cloud Connector by creating an account on the IXON Cloud. Register your free user and company account by visiting
  2. Get company ID
    To install the device, you need the company ID of your company account. Just select your profile, go to ‘My company’ and copy your company ID. 
  3. Connect
    Login onto your device. Start your registration by executing this command in an SSH client (like PuTTY): <your company ID>Your device is now automatically connected to the IXON Cloud and will automatically show up in your company account. Now you can setup a secure VPN connection to your device through the IXON Cloud platform.

Tip: At the Config tab in the IXON Cloud, edit your LAN settings: fill in the local IP address of the PLCnext in order to connect easily, instead of using the VPN address.

You’ve now successfully installed the IXON Cloud Connector. The software is designed for and seamlessly integrated with the IXON Cloud. Any further configuration can be handled from your own IIoT account.  

Short video demonstration

This video demonstrates what you can expect from the IXON Cloud connector for PLCnext:

View on youtube 

Additional services

The IXON Cloud offers a multitude of IoT services. 

  • Deliver remote service using VPN
  • Access the web-/HTTP-server of the PLCnext via Cloud Access
  • Log data automatically and secure from your device to the IXON Cloud platform using Modbus and OPC-UA protocol.
  • Set up alerts & alarms (push messages and email)
  • Create high-end data reports with historical and real-time data.

It’s all at your fingertips in your own customer portal. Find out more about IXON’s solution and its endless possibilities on

Discover all IXON Cloud features.


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