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How to use Alibaba Cloud Connector

plcnextrd 09 September 2020 min. read
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Hello PLCnext Community,

This blog is about what is Alibaba Cloud Connector and how to use it in general. This PLCnext APP is developed by PLCnext R&D Center in China.You can download this APP at and try it.

What is “Alibaba Cloud Connector”?

Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, provides cloud computing/storage services.

Alibaba Cloud Connector is a PLCnext APP developed by PLCnext R&D Center in China, in order to connect the PLCnext controllers to the Alibaba Cloud directly without routers/gateways. With this app installed, PLCnext will be capable to transfer data with Alibaba Cloud bidirectionally.

How to use Alibaba Cloud Connector?

  1. first you need to register an Alibaba Cloud account and be able to access public instances of the Internet of Things platform:
  2. Add an instance at Alibaba IoT Platform:
  3. Configure your instance
  4. Create and deploy edge instance device drivers and add modbus sub-devices reference:
  5. PLCnext controller install Alibaba Cloud connector app
    • Install app through PLCnext WBM -> PLCnext Apps. After successful installation, start the App
  6. Alibaba cloud APP provides local console for configuration
    • e.g. the defaut ip of PLCnext controller is
    • login at with
      • username:admin
      • defaut password: admin1234
    • fill in triple information of the instance
  7. Start programming on PLCnext engineer

If you are interested in this app, please find more detailed information at Alibaba Cloud Connector APP page:,

Or you can ask questions in the forum, or contact us for more information


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