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Send PLCnext data to Google Sheets

Sidnei Marcondes 04 November 2021 min. read
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I would like to share with you another idea for data acquisition using PLCnext

Today, when we need to log data, we can store this data locally on the PLC’s memory card in a CSV or SQLite file format (free solution, but with restricted access and space) or we can send this data to the cloud and store it in some service (which are usually paid but allow remote data access) such as Proficloud, AWS, Azure.

What if we had the best of both worlds?

The proposal is to send the data collected from PLCnext to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. In this way, we will have data with remote access and free of charge up to 15GB (and low cost for expansion)

I created a manual with the Google Sheets setup procedure and a library for PLCnext to send the data. You can find this solution in the PLCnext Store with the name Datalogger_Googlesheets (PLCnext Store | DataLogger_GoogleSheets)

I hope this solution can be useful for you.


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Marcel PLCnext Team 02.12.2021

Interesting idea, well done. 👍

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EliKa 01.03.2022

I did use it its perfect , well done

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Michael89 29.04.2022

Just what I'm looking for. Thank you! Fyi, link is bad. This one works:

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Martin PLCnext Team 03.05.2022

I have updated the link in the main post. It should now work for everyone.

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