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From A to Bee  

Our planet’s ecosystem is highly complex. We humans depend on a vast variety of physical and biological processes to interplay smoothly so that we can exist. One example for this is the pollination of food crops, without which we would run out of eatable plants eventually. As most people know, bees are the main contributors as they pollinate around 80% of all wild and cultivated plants.  

While the number of bees is decreasing drastically it is important to learn as much as possible about their ideal environmental conditions. If we were to understand better, what kind of settings the bees prefer, we could adjust our environmental infrastructure to foster their wellbeing. One of the challenges for bee colonies is to find blossoming fields for them to collect nectar. Perhaps there is a way to navigate the bees to such fields by utilizing modern technology.
Maybe modern monitoring tools can be used to control the status of flowering meadows to ensure that the conditions are suited for bee populations. And once these conditions turn inept, the bee colonies could be moved to a more suitable area.

Beehyve is a global swarm intelligence network, looking for ideas and solutions on how to better protect the bee. One way would be to create innovations that help control or adjust the environment to make it more suitable for bees. Join this gigantic research and development platform. Be part of this online community project and help save the bees.   

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