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Bee part of a groundbreaking crowd project

JuliaZurheide 19 January 2023 4 min. read
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Join now and let´s create some buzz - the Beehyve Project

With swarm intelligence towards a smart sustainable future!

Bees are indispensable for our ecosystems: They pollinate around 80 % of all wild and cultivated plants and thus ensure high-yield harvests as well as an immense variety of food. 

To preserve these incredible insects, we need your knowledge and skills. Our goal at the Beehyve is to develop sustainable solutions that use intelligent automation to improve the lives of honeybees, their hives, beekeepers and our entire environment. We did a lot of research and talked to numerous beekeepers to find out what challenges and problems bees but also beekeepers are facing. Based on real use cases, we defined these five challenges:  

Bee care: The threats to honeybees: How can we protect their health?   

Support the beekeeper: How can we help to simplify manual processes and contribute to bee-friendly beekeeping?  

Enhance the beehive: How can smart data, artificial intelligence and automation take a beehive to a next level?

Bee environment:  How can we protect bees and their environment?

Bee creative:  Surprise us and surprise yourself. Think outside the box!

Let´s create some buzz within the five challenges of the Beehyve project

This gives you the opportunity to focus on just one challenge and develop an innovative and sustainable solution. 

Now it´s your turn to become part of it and create some buzz with us! 

Whether you are a technical specialist, a programmer, a data enthusiast, a professional from industry or science, or an interested bee lover, all are welcome! We are already eager to hear your suggestions, ideas and concepts. But not only we are full of anticipation. Let’s see what our COO has to say about the Beehyve:

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Julia Zurheide
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