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Optimize costs of energy and reduce CO₂-footprint with flexible energy management

EvelinBorissevich 13 November 2023 5 min. read
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Empowering energy efficiency with PLCnext Technology

With growing e-mobility needs, limited grid supply and many uncertainties, your energy transition can get really complex fast. Our Energy Management helps regain control.

PLCnext Technology – the operating system of the All Electric Society

PLCnext Technology is an important enabler in the energy market. Combined with PLCnext Control we were able to implement a flexible and highly secure and reliable energy management system. The vast choice of communication protocols allows e.g. an easy integration of PV installations and load balancing of EV charging infrastructure. Optimize energy use, reduce costs and lower your carbon footprint while securing comfort for you and your users.

Customer advantages – a roadmap to efficiency and sustainability

Delving into the advantages our customers experience

  • Mitigating the impact on the local network: By minimizing the impact on local network congestion, our solution contributes to a smoother energy flow, enhancing overall grid stability
  • Cost-effective energy usage: The benefit of reducibg energy costs is a central feature, providing financial relief while optimizing energy consumption
  • Renewable energy maximization: Our system empowers users to maximize the use of self-produced renewable energies, playing a cricial role in decreasing CO2 emissions.

Technology in action – the soft- and hardware components

At the heart of our solution is the powerful synergy between PLCnext Engineer and PLCnext Control. These technologies form the backbone of our flexible, safe and reliable energy management system. The technological foundation combined with our MINT application ensures that our solution is scalable, adaptable and future-proof, providing customers with a robust platform for their evolving energy needs.

In conclusion, our Energy Management solution isn’t about grandiose claims or marketing hype. It’s a practical, hands-on guide to navigating the complexities of energy transition. By addressing grid congestion, reducing costs, and maximizing renewable resources, we contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy landscape. As we embrace the future, let’s do so with practical solutions that make a tangible impact.

Evelin Borissevich
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