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PLCnext Technology – every developer’s darling

Alex@PLCnextTeam 07 November 2022 5 min. read
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Reisenbauer is a software development company based in Vienna, Austria. They specialize in planning and programming applications for many different industries and for many different functions. From steering the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in industrial facilities to regulating the water, lighting, and climate management in hotels or private homes to operating the infotainment screens for advertising. Reisenbauer offers useful apps for plentiful purposes. Their solutions help utilizing PLCs to perform exactly the task that their customers want them to.

Components that help enhance individual software solutions

What software developers such as Reisenbauer seek are controls that are as convenient as possible to program and operate. The more limited and the more complex the handling of a PLC is, the less effective the work of the software development company. That is why the experts at Reisenbauer enjoy working with Phoenix Contact hardware when implementing their solutions. The combination of PLCnext Control and the I/O modules Axioline Smart Elements provides them with great freedom in getting their job done.

One of the advantages of the PLCnext Technology Ecosystem is the fact that it is extremely flexible and highly scalable. All controls and elements run on Linux just as well as on pretty much every existing high-level programming languages. This open-source approach makes PLCnext Technology highly adaptable and variable. From steering cooling systems to running large scale infotainments screens to operating sophisticated automation processes – there is no task that cannot be realized when utilizing a PLCnext Ecosystem.

Another big advantage of PLCnext Technology and Phoenix Contact components is how robust they are. All products are fully CE certified, tested, and approved for use in any sort of industrial setting. They comply with the highest standards for operational safety, endurance, and for cyber security. Additionally, the PLCnext Control (AXC F 1152) enables remote access for the steering, monitoring, and maintenance of the setup. This decentralized management is especially helpful in settings with multiple locations or large-scale industrial sites.

Performing multiple tasks with minimal effort

One example of Reisenbauer utilized PLCnext Technology to realize one of their customers projects was the installation of an ice rink chiller. The solution included the PLCnext Control (AXC F 2152) in combination with Axioline Smart Element I/Os as the backbone of the cooling system. Additionally, a PLCnext Control was used for monitoring the current temperature of the ice as well as keeping track of the cooling liquid supply. This way it was possible to maintain the temperature of the ice and thus the quality of the ice rink at a constant level. The team of developers at Reisenbauer appreciated the quick and competent support by Phoenix Contact. They also benefitted from the many helpful suggestions they received through the PLCnext Community, where users, developers, and product experts alike exchange ideas and experiences on an open web-based platform.

Another good example of how Reisenbauer was able to implement one of their clients’ projects by inserting Phoenix Contact hardware and deploying PLCnext Technology are advertising pillars that also function as e-mobility charging stations.

A PLCnext Control does not manage the feed of the video screen inside these public installations, it monitors the overall condition of the pillar and reports in case maintenance is needed. The power supply and charging activity of the setup is handled by the controller as well.

Many of the software applications that have been developed by Reisenbauer and other solution providers can be found at the PLCnext Store. It is a virtual shop where apps for all kinds of different tasks, setups, functions, processes, automation procedures are available. As part of a win-win-win situation, not only the developers of these apps benefit from the store, but of course also the ones looking for just the right app for their specific need. Another winner in the situation is Phoenix Contact, who is providing both the developer as well as the user of the controls with products, which are open and adaptable enough to be programmed as simply as possible to perform any task imaginable.

Alex @PLCnextTeam
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