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Knowledge Center is now live

JuliaZurheide 10 March 2023 2 min. read
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Would you like to give your knowledge about bees a little boost?

The time has come because our Beehyve Knowledge Center is now live!  

To continue to generate good ideas for our Beehyve project we would like to offer you the opportunity to learn more about the bees and their life but also about PLCnext Technology.

We have compiled information from beekeepers, veterinarians and bee experts about the Bees, their enemys, their behaviour and all about living what they have to manage to be there for us.

You will find a growing collection of different content of what our experts had to say. We have also gathered more knowledge from external sources to give you a head start on all things bees.

Check out fun facts about bees, learn about the varroa mite or see how we visited high tech beehyves.

What are you waiting for?

If you have unanswered questions or just want to know even more about bees and PLCnext Technology, feel free to visit us on Slack!

Let’s combine our crowd knowledge!

Bee clever Find out all about bees
Julia Zurheide
190 views 0 comments LoadingSave


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