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Stronger together: We enter a strategic technology partnership with Festo

EvelinBorissevich 22 April 2024 5 min. read
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Big announcement and another reason to celebrate

Following the celebration of Phoenix Contact’s 100th anniversary last year, we have another reason to continue the festivities.

It’s now official: We enter a strategic technology partnership with Festo.

But what exactly does this mean for you? Festo, manufacturer of pneumatic and electrical automation technology, will use PLCnext Technology, our open ecosystem for modern automation in future intelligent devices. This will combine the innovative strength of both our companies with the aim of taking industrial automation to a new level. And if that wasn’t enough, customers can look forward to even more, as the new product generation is expected to be launched on the market at the end of the year.

Reliable solutions for the future

The strategic alliance between us and Festo goes beyond a simple partnership between two automation companies – It is a win-win situation that puts users first. The integration of PLCnext Technology opens numerous new opportunities for existing but also for future customers.

Openness and Flexibility:

PLCnext Technology is based on an open architecture that allows individual solutions to be developed and existing systems to be seamlessly integrated. Festo can thus offer customized automation solutions for specific customer requirements.

Use of Synergies:

The combination of our two companies’ expertise enables profitable cooperation to solve future technological challenges – such as in cybersecurity – in the best possible way.

Innovation and future Viability:

The combination of Festo’s and our expertise in automation promises innovative solutions for Industry 4.0. By working together and pooling resources, the challenges of digital transformation can be mastered together.

Double the innovation power

Our common goal is to meet the requirements arising from the convergence of IT and OT in industry through open automation solutions.

Festo was looking for a partner with an open system approach for its future orientation, who would provide an appropriate operating system, develop it further and launch it on the market. As a leading company in the industry, Festo therefore relies on PLCnext Technology.

Collaboration meets innovation

We believe that collaboration is more than just working together – it’s about creating synergies that lead to breakthrough solutions.

Our collaboration between Festo and PLCnext Technology is an important step for the future of the automation industry. New, open thinking and the pooling of industry expertise set the course for innovative solutions and drive a sustainable world forward.

Evelin Borissevich
1,559 views 0 comments LoadingSave


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