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PLCnext Technology Starterkit Video Series – Plug and play with RealPars

DEV IN ABTDGT 15 February 2021 min. read
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PLCnext Technology Starterkit video series with RealPars

Watch the unboxing of the new PLCnext Technology starterkit. The first video of a whole series is online right now. The Youtube video is created by RealPars, an online platform for industry learning. In this video, they are going to identify all the PLCnext Technology starterkit bits and pieces in the box that arrived at their door. They are also going to familiarize you with everything in the box and discuss the purpose and function of each item. More videos are coming soon on how to configure and program our innovative PLC soon. Stay tuned for new easy-to-follow videos and articles from RealPars.

Watch the video here 

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About RealPars – RealPars offers its users the opportunity to create progress through industrial technology and develop the skills of tomorrow. With hands-on industrial courses authored by industry experts, the platform helps businesses and individuals’ close skills gaps in critical areas, innovate faster and deliver on key objectives

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