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Women in Automation – #1 Luisa

EvelinBorissevich 08 March 2024 5 min. read
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Meet Luisa, a Frontend Web Developer at PLCnext Technology

Imagine you could work on different projects every day, use your creativity and skills to solve real-world problems and collaborate with a team of passionate and supportive colleagues. Sounds like a dream job, right? Well, that’s exactly what Luisa does as a frontend web developer at PLCnext Technology.

In this blog post, you’ll get to know Luisa and learn how she uses PLCnext Technology to create amazing web applications for the PLCnext Factory. You’ll also discover what motivates her and what challenges her. This is the first post in our series celebrating women in automation, where we’ll introduce you to some inspiring women who work with PLCnext Technology. Stay tuned for more stories every week!

“Hi! My name is Luisa, I work in the Manufacturing Data Support team. In our team, we take care of everything that has to do with production data from the PLCnext Factory. As a frontend web developer, I am responsible for processing and visualizing these data in appealing dashboards and creating other web applications to support the production processes. I started as a working student, and now I am a full-time employee in the team. I am happy to be able to develop myself in this job and to take on new tasks again and again. Since programming and various media-related courses were part of my media studies, I also work as a photographer and blog editor for matters in production. These varied tasks make the workday always exciting.”

1. What motivates you to work in the PLCnext Technology environment?

“My work at PLCnext Technology is characterized by working on many different projects, which makes the workday never boring. Despite clear work tasks, I can participate in various work and business areas and have the opportunity to constantly make new contacts. The cooperation among all colleagues is something special here. Every day there are new challenges, because PLCnext Technology stands for innovative and future-proof solutions. Finding them is only possible with the flexible way of working that prevails here and that is always open to new approaches and ideas. You are challenged, but at the same time you can unfold yourself and your ideas and are encouraged to think further.”

2. Describe your workday in three emojis:

🤝 Collaborative work in a great team

🌈 Varied tasks (from programming activities to creative tasks such as photography and blog editing)

💡 Creativity and new ideas are in demand

3. What makes PLCnext Technology unique?

“The work at PLCnext Technology is shaped by a strong team spirit and a friendly interaction with each other. I am always amazed by how many people with different skills meet here. This way, a lot of knowledge is exchanged, often quite casually over a coffee break or a short conversation in the corridor, which leads to new ideas that ultimately result in the development of our forward-looking products.”

Luisa is one of the many women who are making a difference in the automation industry with PLCnext Technology. She loves her job and enjoys the variety, the creativity, and the teamwork that it involves. She also appreciates the flexible and innovative work culture at PLCnext Technology, where she can grow and learn every day.

We hope you enjoyed reading her story and learned something new. And don’t forget to check out our next articles in the series, where we’ll introduce you to another amazing woman in automation. See you soon!

Evelin Borissevich
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