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Women in Automation – #6 Hannah

EvelinBorissevich 18 April 2024 5 min. read
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From passion to action: Hannah’s role in shaping a sustainable future

As we made our way to the coffee machine, discussing the response to our Women in Automation campaign, we thought about whom we should introduce next. And there, in the hallway, appeared Hannah. Our decision was instantly made. You see, when Hannah walks through the office, she radiates passion for environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

But before we delve further into her story, let’s allow Hannah to introduce herself. The stage is yours!

“Hey, I’m Hannah and I am part of the Sustainability Management team. We deal with topics such as environmental sustainability (e.g., how to reduce our emissions and become CO2-neutral) as well as social sustainability. My work focuses on promoting diversity in the workforce and developing strategies to promote women in management positions. Another focus is on analysing psychological factors influencing our day-to-day work within the production to improve the quality of decision-making.”

1. What motivates you to work in the PLCnext Technology environment?

“In our role, we look at all processes and structures. We therefore also work with very different teams and across different departments. This is incredibly exciting and I get to know new perspectives and learn something new every day. It’s great to see where we already act sustainably and it’s fun to develop ideas together on how we can become even better here.”

2. Describe your workday in three emojis:

🏳️‍🌈 Diversity: as a strategic goal and the diverse people I work with every day

🔬 Research: Integrating research results into everyday working life

🚣‍♀️ Teamwork: Bundle forces and together combat the climate crisis

3. What makes PLCnext Technology unique?

“PLCnext Technology and its community are important on the way to a more efficient and sustainable production, and I am excited to see what solutions, projects and ideas will emerge here. However, what sets PLCnext Technology apart is the way of how we work together in our day-to-day work. The openness to try out new things, to design structures openly, to think outside the box, to involve all employees and thus to incorporate different perspectives – all this characterizes PLCnext Technology and creates an exciting and warm working atmosphere.”

Hannah’s story is inspiring and shows how a dedicated employee can have a positive impact on a company’s sustainability efforts. Her passion for environmental protection, diversity and social responsibility is contagious.

Let’s work together towards a sustainable future!

Evelin Borissevich
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