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Women in Automation – #7 Sara

EvelinBorissevich 07 May 2024 5 min. read
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Sara’s story of resilience and growth

Our Women in Automation campaign is entering the next round! Today we introduce you to Sara, a member of the PLCnext Technology team. From mastering the intricacies of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) to becoming an accomplished machine and equipment operator, Sara embodies resilience and growth. If you’d like to learn what role PLCnext Technology plays in this, stay tuned.

I am Sara, 34 years old, and have been working at Phoenix Contact since 2017. I started in the SMT department doing component separation, then transitioned to being a line operator. Eventually, I completed an apprenticeship as a machine and system operator. Soon, I’ll be supporting the SMT team as a skilled worker, and I’m looking forward to it!

1. What motivates you to work in the PLCnext Technology environment?

I enjoy my work and appreciate my colleagues. Currently, I have multiple opportunities for further training, which excites me. The diversity within my department allows me to develop and learn new things. I’m also eager to see what the future holds, as I believe there’s more to come. In any case, I’m ready!

2. Describe your workday in three emojis:

❤️ because of my friendly colleagues

💐 for the diverse tasks

🏔️ for big and small challenges

3. What makes PLCnext Technology unique?

The fact that we strive for high-quality work is not just a slogan for us; it’s genuinely ingrained in our practices. We are committed to maintaining quality and working meticulously – something I find remarkable. PLCnext Technology stands out not only due to its innovative hardware but also because of its mindset. It fosters collaboration and creates a mentality where innovation thrives through cooperation. Despite the Bad Pyrmont location having a substantial number of employees, I still perceive the production environment as familial. I know colleagues in almost every department, and that sense of connection is truly heartwarming. Everywhere you turn, there’s a friendly greeting, and you can find someone to talk to. Additionally, the training program is thoughtfully designed and provides ample opportunities to discover one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sara’s story shows how passion and collaboration can lead to high-quality work. Stay tuned for more inspiring women in our Women in Automation campaign.

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Evelin Borissevich
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