Mirasoft GmbH & Co. KG


Who is Mirasoft

Mirasoft GmbH & Co. KG develops innovative software for businesses. Our team has many years of experience and convinces with fresh and smart solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. With Mirasoft’s cloud solutions, you no longer have to worry about updates, maintenance, backup and redundancy, and you can access them from anywhere. Take part in the future project Industry 4.0 and experience the possibilities.

Mirasoft and PLCnext Technology

The AnyViz Cloud Adapter connects your PLCnext device to the AnyViz Cloud. With OPC-UA, variables of your PLC program can be visualized and tracked in the cloud. Integrate the web HMI into the cloud for secure remote access. And in case of a support request, AnyViz allows you to establish an encrypted VPN connection to your PLCnext device. In addition to OPC-UA, the Cloud Adapter supports six additional protocols to connect devices and sensors to the cloud.

With AnyViz Cloud, you can keep track of all your industrial assets. Due to the intuitive usability concept, visualizations, graphical analysis and reports can be created with just a few clicks. In this way, production processes can be transparently visualized and analyzed. Key performance indicators and energy evaluations help to optimize processes and increase efficiency in the long term. AnyViz enables you to support remotely as well as new business models to generate sustainable revenues.

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Get to know our PLCnext Store partner Mirasoft and learn more about co-founder Thomas Hepp’s experiences as a partner of the PLCnext Store – the central digital marketplace for industrial apps.Find out how you can easily get the most out of your machine and plant controls using the AnyViz Cloud Adapter App.

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