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Using gRPC communication in PLCnext Technology

Using gRPC communication in PLCnext Technology Short introduction to gRPC gRPC is a modern open source high performance Remote Procedural Call (RPC) framework. Initially developed at Google and now lead by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It is very flexible and user-friendly, it can easily put in communication… Read More

Communication via MQTT broker

Communication via MQTT broker Available from firmware 2024.0 LTS From firmware 2024.0 LTS on, PLCnext devices can connect to MQTT brokers, such as Amazon Warehouse Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. MQTT as a lightweight and secure protocol is useful for IoT data transfer via cloud servers: The PLC as a client establishes a… Read More

Communication interfaces – Overview

Communication interfaces – Overview The PLCnext Runtime System comes with built-in communication interfaces. Depending on the firmware release on your PLCnext Control, the set of features can be different.  Here you will find a description to every communication interface: OPC UA® Server OPC UA® Client OPC UA® PubSub Remote Service Calls (RSC)… Read More