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Automation Maker #004: Python, PIP and PLCnext Control

Martin PLCnext Team 21 January 2019 min. read
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Python is a powerful language with plenty of applications for Industrie 4.0, including Machine Learning and Cloud connectivity, so it’s a natural fit for applications that use PLCnext Technology.

In this episode of Automation Maker, we look at how to install Python and PIP on a PLCnext Control.

Helpful links:

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To install Python 3 using ipkg:

/opt/bin/ipkg install python3

To install PIP using ipkg:

/opt/bin/ipkg install py3-pip

To upgrade PIP:

/opt/bin/pip3 install --upgrade pip

Examples of installing python packages using PIP:

/opt/local/bin/pip install setuptools

/opt/local/bin/pip install AWSIoTPythonSDK

Note: Be sure to run the version of python installed in /opt/bin

More information:


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