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How to build a simple “Hello PLCnext” C++ application using modern CMake

Dzmitry Ivaniuk 02 November 2021 min. read
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Martin PLCnext Team 24.11.2021

This is very useful. I understand that the `preset` feature was added in a relatively recent version of CMake. Is it possible to use this feature with the version of CMake that is included with the PLCnext CLI tool version 2021.6? If not, when is then planned?

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Dzmitry Ivaniuk 06.01.2022

CMake `presets` starts from CMake version 3.19, from the version 3.21 `CMakePresets.json` has version 3 ( The PLCnext CLI tool calls CMake (during build process), so this feature can make it easier to configure CMake.

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