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Innovations to save the Bee  

There are numerous negative influences on the wellbeing of bee populations. Some of them are pollution, urban spreading, or monocropping agriculture. But what if we can come up with an alternative to living with bees? The main challenge is to find solutions to keep the pollination of edible plants intact. Perhaps it is possible to design crops which can bloom even without pollination. Or maybe there are ways to enable pollination without insects. 

Another smart approach to facing the alarming decline of the global bee population could be some sort of awareness campaign. If people would be better informed about what should be done to improve the living conditions of bees, perhaps they would act accordingly. And make decisions that are in the best interest of the bees.
Or are there ideas out there on how to decrease pollution? How about ground-breaking concepts on cleaner or much more efficient economic processes?

Any creative contribution is welcome here. Any idea could make the difference. Whether you can create a concept for the betterment of the bee population or invent a method for pollination without insects: Anything is possible. There are no boundaries to your creativity.
Beehyve is an attempt to unite via a global online community and to come up with innovations that help shape the future for the better. Join in on this exciting experiment. Contribute your ideas and solutions and become part of something big!   

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