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Challenge #3: Enhance the Beehive

Alex@PLCnextTeam 18 January 2023 3 min. read
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Beeing comfortable  

The beehive is both home and workplace for these busy insects. It is the place where they sleep, where they store nectar, process honey, and where they breed the next generation of bees. When living in the wild, bees build and inhabit cavities in hollow trees. Domesticated colonies on the other hand live in artificial beehives provided by the beekeeper usually in form of wooden boxes.
There are many aspects of the hives that need to be considered. For example, what material to use for the frames, which are used for collecting the honeycomb and for brood cells. They can either be bought or created from the wax that the bees produce. Plus, constant maintenance is required so that the bees have ideal conditions for their well-being. It is for instance key to adjust the size of the hive according to the size of the bee colony. In the wintertime there are much less bees inside the hive, and it is therefore important to scale down the number of boxes and frames so that it is warm enough for the bee colony.  

Various tools and technology enable beekeepers to monitor the current status of their hives already. By measuring the temperature as well as the weight of the hive for example, or by examining the condition of the honey before harvesting, or by utilizing digital apps to track the flight routes of the bees. Yet there is plenty potential for additional ways to support the beekeepers in enhancing their hives with the help of modern technology.

Become part of the global Beehyve project! Help develop ideas and solutions on how to build better beehives. Join the swarm intelligence of this international community and contribute to making a difference for the future of our planet.   

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Alex @PLCnextTeam
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