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VOTE NOW – PLCnext Control extension modules as “Product of the Year 2023” 12 December 2022 5 min. read
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Our PLCnext Control extension modules have been nominated by the famous German magazine “Computer & Automation” to become the “Product of the Year 2023”. Please use your voice and let’s win the award together!

Every year, Computer & Automation’s editorial team introduces nearly 500 new product develop and enhancements, all with the common goal of making manufacturing processes even more efficient. At the end of the year, products are carefully selected from the large number of new products that demonstrate an exceptional degree of innovation and have the potential to become the product of the year.

The special thing about our PLCnext Control extension modules is that they have the advantages of a modular system and can therefore be easily adapted individually to corresponding requirements.

To become the product of the year 2023 we need YOUR support! This award would mean a lot to all of us, because it honors the hard work of all developers, engineers, production and marketing who have made our PLCnext Control extension modules such special and unique products. And on top of that, winning this voting would just be another confirmation that PLCnext Technology has the strongest and most progressive community. We are sure that together we can achieve some impact. So motivate your friends, your family or even your neighbours and let’s win the voting together!

From today until February 17, 2023 everyone has the chance to vote online via the link below. Use your vote, because only with your support we are able to receive the award “Product of the Year 2023” for our PLCnext Control extension modules.

You can find the link to vote here >>

Laura Klara Sievert
Global Marketing & Communication Manager
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