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Cultivating success through collaboration

Anyone who has ever tried to build a house, knows how important it is to work together with others. Without an architect, a contractor, an electrician, the project can easily become extremely frustrating. When people complement one another by each providing useful skills, even greater goals can be achieved than when working alone.

Due to the global Covid-19 situation, the way we work together has significantly changed. While social distancing restrictions where in place, remote collaboration via digital platforms such as Teams, Slack or Wire has become the standard rather than the exception. A recent study by the international consulting firm Accenture shows that companies, who actively foster digital collaboration between their staff and partners, gain more than twice as much profit than companies, who don’t.

At PLCnext Technology the idea of working together is an integral part of our philosophy. By providing an open platform approach for a seamless interconnectivity of pretty much any exchange between the digital and the analogue world. From connecting robots on assembly lines with their respective digital monitoring and steering stations to feeding energy from windmills into large scale power grids to helping container ships save fuel by installing giant sails.

The online forum PLCnext Community is a prime example of how collaboration between different people with different backgrounds, different skills, and different ideas can be beneficial to every single one of them. The exchange through this chat platform was key in realizing many different projects such as the cooling system of an ice rink arena or a social distance monitoring tool developed by an Argentinian university or tracking the position of football players during a match.

At the moment, PLCnext Technology is facilitating an international campaign called Beehyve to develop and implement ideas on how to improve hives in order to better protect bee colonies. Scientists, part-time beekeepers, app-developers, and automation technology experts across the globe are collaborating to design and create solutions that will ultimately help fight bee extinction. It is truly amazing, how much power the many can have!

Evelin Borissevich
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