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Cyber security

April 25, 2024
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PLCnext Control is at the leading edge of secure communication

Certified by DNV according to IEC 61850 Ed. 2.1. and IEC 62351-3 for secure communication in energy management systems We are proud to announce that our PLCnext Control has received… Read more
January 29, 2024
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OPC UA Solutions – Easy to use

Without any doubt, OPC UA is one of the most important standards for representing and providing access to complex data in the Industry 4.0 environment. OPC UA is a manufacturer-neutral… Read more
November 13, 2023
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Security to the second power

Safety meets Security: PLC with integrated security So far, security certificates are a rare feature in the market for automation components. Phoenix Contact pioneers in offering double security solutions for… Read more
April 26, 2023
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Secure your industrial automation with PLCnext Technology and OPC UA!

With OpenAI making headlines recently, we were curious about its capabilities and decided to put them to the test. We asked OpenAI to explain the security features of PLCnext Technology… Read more
April 11, 2023
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Device and Update Management

Most Device and Update Management (DaUM) solutions are utilizing vendor-specific processes to distribute and install data proprietarily onto local devices. With the OPC UA based DaUM Service it is possible… Read more
November 13, 2022
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Next Level of Security: TüV certified PLCnext Technology Products for industrial cyber security

TÜV certified protection against cyber-attacks according to IEC 62443-4-1 ML3 and IEC 62443-4-2 SL2 Secure is secure! Especially when it comes to industrial cyber security. Because cyber-attacks on industrial companies are… Read more
August 30, 2022
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Industrial Cyber Security: Secure Identification through digital Certificates

Due to increasing digitalization, IT security plays an increasingly important role in the automation of machines and plants. One particular aspect is the secure identification of components – both during… Read more