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Beehyve Data-Infrastructure
The complexity of data infrastructures in the IoT is high – regardless of whether we are talking about data from machines and plants in an industrial environment or a beehive.

The challenges for an IoT data infrastructure are manifold. Processing large amounts of data, even in different data formats and communication protocols, requires a scalable and flexible data infrastructure. Data from different sources must be collected and integrated into a unified system. This may also require a distributed data infrastructure to process and analyze data at the edge of the network.
Overall, the data infrastructure at the IT/OT interface is a critical component of modern industrial systems, enabling companies to collect, analyze and process data from a variety of sources to optimize operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency. The data infrastructure is also of great importance in a smart beehive. As part of a joint project, several project groups have set themselves the goal of jointly setting up such a structure. The entire process is being considered – from the storage of sensor data in the cloud, data analysis via a virtual twin to data visualization via a software app.

“With the Beehyve project and PLCnext, we now have the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology for something really meaningful and important.”
Alexander Rohrer Sokratel
“Doing good with technical know-how and swarm intelligence. This is what we look forward to and we enjoy being part of the swarm.”
Dr. Thomas Lepper Zentrum Mittelstand Digital Hannover
“In order to drive innovation forward, it is important to bring together experts with their knowledge. This applies to the industrial world just as it does to bees. Let’s develop great things together!”
Thomas Hepp Co-Founder of Mirasoft

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