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 How to create a Blog Entry

I wrote the article about common abbreviations. This small glossary defines main technical terms and abbreviations used in PLCnext Technology. It is located here. As it is open GitHub-based project don't hesitate to propose additional explanations.

Every feedback is welcome.

This article describes how to install the GNU Guix package manager on the AXC F 2152. GNU Guix is a functional package manager that offers transactional, reproducible, per-user package management. GNU Guix can be installed on top of an existing Linux system where it complements the available tools without interference. Guix could be used to install packages to provide for example a gcc toolchain or python 2 on a per-user level. There is an excellent explanation in the manual on how to install Guix on the GNU homepage. This article will guide you trough the process of installing GNU Guix.

There is also an adapted shell installer script based on the GNU Guix installer script. The script automates the download, installation, and initial configuration steps described below. It should be run as the root user. You can download the script from the GitHub Gist.

Today PLCnext Technology is developing rapidly and it’s hard to support how-to documentation to be in pace with technology, so I decided to create an open GitHub-based project with documentation, written in *.md style - PLCnext_howto.

To begin, I described the installation process (Ubuntu, C++ programming with Eclipse® IDE). In addition, I shared my experience in configuring Eclipse® IDE to develop without using PLCnCLI.

Every feedback is welcome.

Hello PLCnext Community,
this contribution is a prototype implementation put together by our USA solution engineer Josh Krug. If you have any question please reach out to us, or ask over here in the forum on the PLCnext Community. Thanks, and stay tuned for more.


This article will go over the steps to communicate to a Modbus bus coupler using a Python script.


This document covers the following procedures:

  • Installing Python modules
  • Creating a Python script to allow the controller to act as a Modbus client
  • Setting up a Modbus Bus coupler
  • Testing the Modbus communications

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