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  1. ktakeda
  2. PLCnext Store
  3. Thursday, 07 October 2021
I'm now confusing about uiStartAddress for "Modbus_RTU" library.
The document says as followings;
- uiStartAddress, UINT, The input specifies the start address of the bit to be read on the slave.
And, for "Example 1: Modbus_RTU AXL master functionality" , uiStartAddress is 3000 for MB_RTU_FC1.
Why uiStartAddress is 3000 for MB_RTU_FC1 ? What means about 3000 ?
I'd like to know the start address for each function of MB_RTU_FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FC5, FC6, FC15, FC16, FC23.
Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Fo others with the same problem, here is the solution from the author of the original post:

I set starting address (uiStartAddress) to "0", so that I could communicate with other device.
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