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How to use the .Net Core on a PLCnext Control

If you're a C# programmer working with a PLCnext Control then you might want to use the **Microsoft® .NET Core** runtime. Here's how to install it on an AXC F 2152 control.

### Set up the runtime on the PLC 1. Download the Dotnetcore Runtime Binaries - [Microsoft .NET Core download site]( - for the AXC F 2152 it is `Linux ARM 32bit` 1. Unzip the Runtime .zip file 1. Unzip the `Data` folder 1. Copy the unzipped files (host, shared and dotnet binary) to the controller at `/opt/DotnetRT` 1. Create a symlink to the binary (as root user) `ln -s /opt/DotnetRT/dotnet /usr/local/bin/dotnet` 1. Check if the link is setup correctly: `lrwxrwxrwx 1 admin plcnext 20 Nov 27 12:50 dotnet -> /opt/DotnetRT/dotnet` 1. Check if installation was succesfull: `dotnet --info` ``` admin@axcf2152:/opt/plcnext$ dotnet --info Host (useful for support): Version: 2.1.1 Commit: 6985b9f684 .NET Core SDKs installed: No SDKs were found. .NET Core runtimes installed: Microsoft.NETCore.App 2.1.1 [/opt/DotnetRT/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App ``` ### Create a project 1. Switch to a PC for development and building of your .Net Core apps 1. Install .Net Core SDK 1. Create a new application `dotnet new console -o MyFirstTestProgram` 1. Switch to the folder `MyFirstTestProgram` 1. Write your code at `Program.cs` - by default there is a "Hello World!" program 1. Build it with `dotnet build` 1. Switch to `MyFirstTestProgram/bin/Debug/netcoreappX.X/` 1. Modify `MyFirstTestProgram.runtimeconfig.json` and set `"System.Globalization.Invariant": true` ``` { "runtimeOptions": { "tfm": "netcoreapp2.1", "framework": { "name": "Microsoft.NETCore.App", "version": "2.1.0" }, "configProperties": { "System.Globalization.Invariant": true } } } ``` ### Deploy and run your application 1. Copy `MyFirstTestProgram/bin/Debug/netcoreappX.X/` to the controller at `/opt/MyFirstTestProgram` 1. Execute the .Net application with `dotnet MyFirstTestProgram/netcoreapp2.1/MyFirstTestProgram.dll` ``` Hello World! ``` ### How to access I/O data from a C# application running on the .Net Core With the upcoming firmware 2.0 of PLCnext Technology (available by the end of 2018) it will be possible to access the GDS and the I/Os in an easy way via an API. In the meantime use workarounds, like net sockets, Modbus or a REST implementation in a C++ ESM program.