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Finally it's here: The new manual tome with 699 pages to print out and screenshot stickers to stick them in yourself! Do you want to have it? No? Good, because we have something else for you: The two information platforms about PLCnext Technology and the PLCnext Store at their brand new and comfortable place in the vastness of the internet.

The world of technology is spinning ever faster. Also, the PLCnext Technology with its entire ecosystem never stands still. To ensure that you are always up to date with the latest release, new features and related questions, we have left the traditional information landscape of PDFs. In the PLCnext Info Center at, you can now find all the information you need to find your way around the world of PLCnext Technology. And the PLCnext Store also has a new home for everything worth knowing about PLCnext Apps:

In case you already updated to the 2020.6 tools, you might repeat the SDK download for your targets now:
The new Visual Studio® Extension for C++ programming in PLCnext Technology is available now, bundled with each PLCnext Control-specific SDK:

Scroll down the list to the C++ toolchain items and pick the one for your operating system.

In addition, find instructions to it in the PLCnext Info Center:

PHOENIX CONTACT Proficloud Use existing devices

Introducing the new Proficloud next generation: The is a newly started Cloud Computing environment by PHOENIX CONTACT, reachable at

The new was built as a completely new environment based on new architectures and technologies. Users can also use both connections at the same time ( + on a controller. Device Management Service Available from 2020.6 with AXC F 2152 ONLY

Webinar community news

Find the right webinar for you on our new subpage and meet our experts online live

Learn more about PLCnext Technology from anywhere in the world with our webinars. Tailored to your prior knowledge and available in multiple languages, we offer you a range of different trainings. From basic seminars to hands on programming, our experts will show you the world of PLCnext Technology live and online. All you need is a PC with internet access and speakers or headphones. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our speakers, ask them your questions, and get in touch with other users. Find the webinar that is most suited for you now and join the PLCnext Community.

#stayathome – Virtual. Anywhere. PLCnext Technology – 

PLCnext StTechnology starterkitYou can now order the new and improved starterkit here.

With this PLCnext Technology starterkit you can try out the operating principle, handling, and high performance of PLCnext Technology in a small-scale application. The application includes a PLCnext Control AXC F 2152 and a backplane with four Axioline Smart Elements. This station can be extended to your needs if you wish. You can also find the getting started in the PLCnext Community here.

We are so excited for you to get your hands on this beauty. Enjoy and happy coding.

Engineer Version 2020 3The new Hotfix 1 for PLCnext Engineer 2020.3 is now released and ready to download!

Next to some other minor features, it focused mainly on performance enhancements for online connections and debug mode.

You can update your software now. Please make sure to find the right version which is second in the table.

Here are also the change notes where you can find a complete list with all changes and new features. Note: the file is 6th in the table.

Of course, there are many more things we are planning so stay tuned and look out for the next major update 2020.6 coming mid of July.

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