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Release notes FW 1.01

Please read the following notes before performing the firmware update.

Bugfixes and Enhancements with FW 1.01

  • Task processing time
    The programmed maximum task processing time was exceeded by occasional task processing time outliers. The ESM watchdog was triggered.
  • User authentication
    A user authentication security vulnerability was patched.
  • Requested memory
    An error occurred when memory was requested from a C++ program. The requested memory was not released again. This error has been rectified
  • OPC UA Data Access Service
    An error in the Data Access Service (online view in the “Data List” editor in PC Worx Engineer) has been rectified.
  • OPC UA Subscription service
    During data query via OPC UA, an error occasionally occurred in the subscription service. This error has been rectified.

Compatibility notes

  • Pure IEC 61131-3 applications based on firmware 1.0 are fully compatible with firmware 1.01.
  • Due to of changes inside the PLCnext Technology SDK, C++ applications needs to be recompiled with the SDK of firmware 1.01.
    Using C++ applications based on SDK 1.0 with the firmware 1.01 might stop the boot sequence of the AXC F 2152.

Download and firmware update


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